IHP Series


Nano Coating

Hydrophobicity is a technology that lowers surface energy and can easily improve the performance and manufacturing process efficiency of various components such as display, nano, MEMS, bio, optical, energy element, etc.

Hydrophobic surface treatment on Atmospheric Pressure

  • ~500mm Large Area Surface Treatment
  • Uniform coating film
  • formation in large area
  • Fluorocarbon Thin Film
  • Aging time : 1 year or more
  • Nano layer thin film: 1 to 20 nm
  • Very easy to control thickness
    chemical resistance
  • Water-repellent, liquid-repellent components (water, silicon resin, acrylicsin, etc.)


  • Bio Senser
  • Smart watch
  • Micro LED
  • UV Imprinting
  • Optical Device
  • Water proof device
  • Light Diffuser lens
  • Contact lens