IDP Series

SiO₂ Nano Coating

Nano Coating

By coating various materials, the performance, efficiency, and process of existing products can be greatly improved. Nanofilm coating technology can be used to form various insulation, protective and functional films.

Optional NANO Coating by Processing Gas on Atmospheric Pressure

  • ~500 mm Large Area Surface Treatment
  • Uniform coating film
  • formation in large area
  • Polymer, Inorganic Thin Film
  • Thin film: PMMA, SiO₂, DACH, Acrylacid
  • Nanolayer Thin Film: 5–50nm
  • Very easy to control thickness


  • Insulator film for TFT device
  • Insulator nanofilm
  • Barrier nanofilm
  • Optical film
  • Carbon Fiber heater
  • Micro lens
  • LED Package
  • Photo Mask
  • RFID Device