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라인업 Line-Up



Great treating effect


Ozone free

Low temperature

Particle free

High productivity

Inline type solution

Input Power Supply 220VAC, Single Phase/2W+PE, FLA 15A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Condition RF working frequency 13.56MHz
RF power
Cooling type Air cooling type
Ambient conditions Place free of corrosive and explosive gas in the installation site
Working ambient temperature 0~50℃
Working ambient humidity 20~80%(to be free of dew condensation)
Vibration 0.5G
Input Power supply 220VAC, Single Phase/2W+PE, 50/60Hz, FLA 15A
Input Gas 압력 설정 값 Ar Φ6 Teflon tube, 0.3 [Mpa] / one touch fitting
O₂ Φ6 Teflon tube, 0.3 [Mpa] / one touch fitting
CDA Φ10 Teflon tube, 0.5[Mpa] / one touch fitting

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