Plasma Solution> Cleaning

plasma treatment effect

* Remove organic pollutants from the surface of the product Effect of cleaning (depletion, acid taxation) Activate the surface after cleaning

Plasma Solution Cleaning

electrostatic removal

[process condition] Ionizer
Utilities: N₂ plasma/1500m conveyor
Treatment equipment: N₂ , Ar
Processing speed: 30mm/sec
Number of treatment: 1 time a one-way

Plasma Solution Cleaning

Removal of organic matter.

rapid process speed
and stability

Pretreatment without corona effect, no material contact with high voltage


surface modification

a wide process window due to uniform plasma injection

Plasma Solution Cleaning

activation effect

* Plasma treatment improves surface tension
*Uniform surface activation is possible even on a wide surface

Plasma Solution Cleaning

* Laminating,Bonding Increasing the intensity.
* Coating/Printing/Plating Improving post-treatment properties.

Plasma Solution Cleaning

surface treatment

*Roughness change
-Plasma before treatment: 1,420nm
– After plasma treatment: 1,678nm
*cf) AFM resolution: 0.1nm

Plasma untreated:
unscathed surface protrusion

Plasma treatment:
a sharp surface protrusion

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