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Human-centered Management that Makes the World Beautiful “MIRAI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.”

I extracted from the book ‘Myrai Industry Story.’

In 1965, ‘山田昭男’ founded ‘MIRAI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.’, an electric manufacturing facility company named after three colleagues of the extreme ‘Miraiza’ and the extreme.

MIRAI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, which makes plastic materials for electrical equipment such as switch boxes.
All employees are full-time employees who are 70 years old and are full-time employees. Working hours are 8:30 to 4:45, and working in Japan is short. Holidays are the largest company in Japan. There are no overtimes and work for more than seven hours a day. Pay is the highest in the industry.

It has grown for more than 50 years since its founding in 1965, and this success is due to the unique management philosophy of the founder.

  • ‘The staff is not a horse, you don’t need a whip, just carrots the company works well when the staff are happy.’
  • Think about it all the time.”
  • The good thing is, don’t be afraid, move on.”
  • ‘Normally, the least paid person in the company is a new female employee, who also buys cars with his own money – that’s natural. No boss thinks, ‘We have a low paycheck, so let’s buy a car for our employees.’ But the boss who gets the most money from the company does not buy a car with his own money. I buy a luxury car that is much more expensive than a female employee, and I use it in private with company money and car insurance with company money. Is it possible for a small business owner who can not make a lot of money to buy a luxury car with company money? Come on, the boss buys a car that fits his way with his money, and that’s the only thing that impresses the employee.’
  • ‘How do you know that without trying? That’s weird. At least I’ve experienced it. This is how I developed the company. But if you don’t, you need to make a decision to quit immediately. When you raise people, you need to watch them with a long eye, but if you can’t do business, you have to quit. You can also start again if you have a determination to quit right away – fearing this from the start is a disadvantage for small businesses.’If you’re happy, you work hard. Then you’re naturally good at it. It’s a simple, human, intuitive formula.

    He also encourages the creation of ideas by putting the phraseI always thinkall over the company. There are more than 10,000 ideas that accumulate each year, so 90% of the products sold in Mirai are patented.
    If you please your employees and let them think endlessly, creative ideas and products come out and of course you make a good money.”
    Yamada emphasizes that it is expensive to make creative products and make money.

    And it is also famous for its management. It saves as much as it can.
    The company’s front door and corridor are dark. Employees manage their own power switches. They leave for a moment. All the copies are made in the back of the paper. The company has only one mini van.

    I think it is thanks to the unique management philosophy of Chairman Sansan that we have been able to maintain growth without deficit for more than 50 years.